Photo Unblur, Magic Eraser and more: With 4 tricks, your Pixel phone can completely transform photos with the push of a button



You might remember Google I/O 2018, when Google announced a magical feature for smartphones. It actually took more than three years to appear in a similar form. A lot has happened since then, with Google offering some powerful photo features on Pixel phones.

In a new keyword post Write Google A total of 7 tricks to take better photos on your Pixel phone. In my opinion, the final example is the real highlight of the article. Because it shows us how we can completely change and enhance the photos later.

What you’re seeing is a photo that’s obviously out of focus, poorly lit, and has some stupid object in the background. A few years ago it might have been a photo for the trash, but certainly not for the photo album. But in the new magic of Google Apps, things are very different today.

Google Photos Pixel Trick in Game 1

To get a good picture out of it, Pixel users can use a total of four functions through Google Photos. There’s a brand new Photo Unblur, so the person in the foreground stays in focus. With the Magic Eraser, the user can magic out the background and the person on the garden hose.

For the final magic, the user uses two more portrait functions. One side has background blur. It lets you edit or add bokeh to a photo, even if it wasn’t taken in portrait mode. Last but not least, in this example, portrait lighting has been touched up to brighten the face

Google Photos Pixel Trick in Game 2

Of course, not all of these work with this quality or so smoothly with every image. But in everyday life I notice more often how I use these functions and how my photos can benefit from these possibilities.

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