Pinterest Adds New Board Features to Improve User Navigation



Pinterest is looking to provide more ways for users to keep track of the various ideas and inspirations they find on the platform with a new set of board-specific tools, including personal notes, additional search tools and Pin favorites.

First off, on notes – Pinterest’s new ‘Notes to Self’ features enables Pinners to add private notes to any board they find, which can then help them keep tabs on specific ideas.

Pinterest board additions

As you can see here, the new ‘Notes’ option enables you add a reminder or comment to any board, which could be handy when you’re searching Pins for inspiration, and trying to keep tabs on what you find in each.

Pinterest’s also added a new ‘Board Toolbar’, a set of three options which can help Pinners sort each board according to their own preferences, or find similar ideas based on the content of each collection.

Pinterest board toolbar

The new options are:

  • More ideas – This will help users find more Pins similar to those featured in the board
  • To Dos – Enables users to add ‘to do’ lists related to a specific board, or add other notes
  • Organize – Enables Pinners to re-arrange the board presentation to their liking
Pinterest board options

Pinterest says that this will provide assistance in maximizing search and discovery, with active boards now containing, on average, more than 150 Pins.

Lastly, Pinterest’s also testing a new feature which will enable Pinners to mark their top Pins as favorites by tapping the star icon on the Pins in their boards.

“Sort boards by favorite Pins and make it easier to find top ideas and take action.”   

That may not seem like a major addition, but again, with so many Pins on each board, and Pinners searching through the app for shopping inspiration, more tools to better sort and organize your ideas will help.

Pinterest has continued to grow in 2020, with the COVID-19 lockdowns driving many users to the app as a replacement for the shopping mall, providing access to a range of shoppable, artisan goods from small businesses. The platform has added 75 million users in 2020, and has shown strengthening revenue performance, and with the eCommerce trend set to hold beyond the pandemic, Pinterest is well-placed to solidify its offerings, and drive more sales for online retailers.

These new features provide more capacity for Pinners to enhance their search and discovery efforts, and while they’re not ‘game-changing’, each can have significant user benefits. 


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