Pixel 6 Pro: Waiting a year for Face Unlock is in vain



Pixel 6 Pro users have been waiting for Face Unlock for over a year now, but that patience has been completely wasted.

Ahead of Google’s launch of the Pixel 6 series, settings graphics have surfaced, hinting at the return of face unlock after the Pixel 4. But then Google made another decision.

Pixel 6 Pro Face Unlock

First a leak, then many hints in the source code

Contrary to expectations, the feature wasn’t available on the Pixel 6 Pro at launch and we were patient. month for month. There were always new hints in the source codes, but no corresponding updates.

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A year later it’s clear that Google will no longer bring the feature. Although it officially launches the Pixel 7 smartphone, it will not be compatible with its predecessors.

The US group has rejected Face Unlock on the Pixel 6 Pro

Google is now first to media allowed There is and currently no indication to the contrary. This could be due to the fact that the Pixel 7 series could offer more power for the Tensor G2. boring

But it must be admitted that Google has never publicly announced this feature. The graphics shown earlier in the article were only known through leaks, Google didn’t actually release them through their own channels.

Face unlock via front camera is not secure enough

Another frustration is the classification of functions according to security standards. This allows Face Unlock to be used on the Pixel 7 smartphone only to unlock devices, but not to log into security-related apps such as payment applications, password managers, etc.

Understandably, Google doesn’t fool us here to stay safe, which Face Unlock can’t do with a simple camera. But I think it’s quite annoying for customers.

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