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The Pixel 6a also has a mod of the smartphone and officially has an audio jack of 3.5 millimeters. The only parallels in Google’s control of Apple

Pixel 6a This is a new Google proposal for the site Android smartphone with fascia media. A model that, despite the Big G’s intricacies, would have theoretically staggered as the economic alternative of the series. Pixel 7 – peraltro annunciata From the American colony to the palco del Google I / O 2022 – and perceive insects as the target target of the apple of my eye with Apple iPhone SE 2022.

The Pixel 6 is the most popular smartphone audio jack Google Pixel A (Google Screenshot)

The revelation of Cupertino’s story, emerges in this quest and a curiosity legata alla Pixel 6a technical screen If you want to get all the profiles from Google on the occasion of the first generation of modeling, then Pixel 5a I almost officially came across Italy similar to the Pixel 4a 5G that abbiamo recensito.

When Google criticizes Apple for removing the jack audio from the smartphone

Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation Remove the audio jack from 3.5 mm Everybody on their smartphone, eloquent for conversion, has a great deal to implement in the portal of the query series from the gamma Google Pixel. In fact, the Pixel 5a – how pure is the “fratello gemello” Pixel 4a 5G and primarily the Pixel 4a, available with all the equestrian in Italy – the fragrant fragrance of the high pressure of the audio jack up to 3.5 millimeters, always higher degli smartphone in commercio.

An anno di distanza, Google sembra avere deciso di fare dietrofront and the semantics of the parotid arrow that protrudes from the lancio of its vector device. Infatti, la Pixel 6a technical screen Not to mention the audio jack of 3.5 mm, uniformity in its sensor like the Pixel 6 Pro but not the standard model. Also for the Big G è there was a time when you added all the dedication to the cuffed tramite jack, and this is very interesting to increase the sales of the Bluetooth orchards of gamma. Pixel Buds.

Not to mention a case that the American colony presented abby, ultra on her new Android smartphone with fascia media, the new Google Pixel Buds ProAlternatively, the top gamma of all the famous Apple AirPods Pro 2 that will make it more effective during the WWDC 2022 process.

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