Pixel 6a and 7 Pro: Two Google phones are now Amazon bestsellers



It should be a rather rare sight and especially these days. Google puts two Pixel smartphones on Amazon’s bestseller list.

On days like Prime Day, rather cheaper smartphones benefit the most. Higher priced models are rather the exception. However, Google managed to place two of its own current Pixel phones in the top 10. A small milestone.

Pixel 6a: Google will likely be well received by the middle class

At the time of this article, I was already able to find the Pixel 6a in fifth place. It was briefly sold for less than 350 euros. But any other price below 400 euros is already difficult. A much bigger surprise, however, is the 7th spot on this list.

Pixel 7 Pro: Free gift makes it into the top 10 despite the RRP

There I can currently find the Pixel 7 Pro for an RRP of €899. It is nothing but a bargain and the only smartphone in this price range in the top 15. Of course, the new market launch helped here and the 429 Euro Pixel Watch LTE as a free add-on for pre-order purchases.

Pixel 6a and 7 Pro are best sellers on Amazon

Google Pixel: Sales figures to be provided now

So far, the group has only been able to achieve significant growth in the US, everywhere else Google is not a big problem. The Pixel 6 series was expected to have possibly bigger sales figures. This year could be better, new devices are a good development.

I don’t want to paint anything black, but they must be monitoring sales internally at Google and setting appropriate targets. These should be achieved. So I’d be happy if Pixel phones steered as far away from the Pixelbook’s fate as possible in the near future.

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