Pixel 7 Pro: 5 Reasons Not a Real Flagship



We have now tested two new Google phones and can come to a conclusion. This year it’s a little different, as the Pixel 7 Pro has a lot more work than the regular Pixel 7. For advantages over competition and loss of previous pixel strategies.

In the past, the XL model hardly had any advantages. They had bigger displays and bigger batteries, but otherwise no difference. This changed with the Pixel 6 series, with the devices featuring more differences. With a price difference of 250 euros, customers should be able to expect significantly more from the Pro model. Or?

All in all, the Pixel 7 Pro has more camera functions on board

This year, Google is continuing along this path. But with a clear difference, fortunately not in price. If we look at the hardware side, Google has tried to close the gaps in the competition. Especially with the camera, the group is on a new path that doesn’t really want to conform to the past.

Google stands for General Camera. Just take a picture and you’re done. But now there are not only more modes, but also a wider range of camera hardware. The ultra-wide-angle camera now has a macro mode, and for zoom, the camera gets more extensive support for better zoom quality.

But is it enough for the top?

For a true flagship, you need more

It’s more pro than before, but it’s still not quite a flagship.

battery life

While I’m largely satisfied with the battery life, Google cell phones can’t compare. Not with Apple however, but Samsung and OnePlus also lasted relatively long. This isn’t a major setback, but again a point that Google can’t quite keep up with.

Loading speed

Speaking of battery, here lies the next weakness. The disadvantage of the battery comparison may not be much, but Google failed more in the charging test against some competitors. Although I have to say that we are definitely not claiming a charging speed of 100 watts. But it can be more than 23 watts.

Storage options

With Apple and Samsung we can buy devices with storage up to 1 TB and in between there is another option with 512 GB. Google still only offers 128 and 256 GB of storage. Especially with powerful cameras, one has to assume that there are professionals who need a lot of local storage. Gamers too.

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Camera Features

I know I’ve said many times how much I love the simplicity of the Pixel camera. From the perspective of being a flagship or not, however, Google has many shortcomings. For professionals, they only offer simultaneous storage of photos in DNG/RAW and that’s it.

For example, there is still no manual mode that Samsung offers in the form of “Pro Mode”. Everything here can be adjusted manually and no automatic kicks in. It may only affect some people but that may be the point.

Unlock method

While Apple still relies on Face ID with the appropriate hardware, almost all competitors offer fingerprint sensors. Samsung, for example, relies on ultrasound, which works much faster and is less sensitive to interference factors than the optical sensors of Pixel cell phones.

Do you think Google should split that hair again?

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