Pixel 7 Pro: Defects make a display update necessary



Don’t panic, but the first problems some users may have with the Pixel 7 (Pro) are slowly becoming familiar.

Google has installed a new display on the Pixel 7 Pro and it has an excellent quality to offer. But there may be inconsistencies with some excessive power consumption. A colleague noticed that high levels of brightness in particular took a large amount of battery.

Pixel 7 Pro can use too much power

A comparison shows high energy consumption. With just 600 nits of brightness, peers measured 3.5 – 4 watts, while the Galaxy S22 Plus only needed 2 watts and the Pixel 6 Pro around 3 watts. Above 1000 nits, the Pixel 7 Pro is 50% higher than the S22 Plus.

XDA These values ​​have been confirmed by other colleagues. Adam also said he would notice higher energy consumption. The Pixel 7 Pro currently tends to be a big power guzzler when the display is particularly bright. I don’t see this as a real problem yet, but it’s autumn here too.

Perhaps the Samsung smartphone display is more efficient because it ultimately has the best quality to offer?

Display off and still usable

Another error, which may have been reported by the first colleagues, is a bit more curious. They say and show that the display is still usable for a few milliseconds after being switched off and actually reacts to user input. Opening applications, controlling the media player – everything works, although it should not.

These are probably not errors that are widespread

As I wrote right at the beginning, I will not panic at this point. I myself can’t confirm the two reports on my device and I don’t see an increase in the number of reports from other users – But vice versa.

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