Pixel 7a: This Google phone has to get better


Google launched the Pixel 6a and delivered a good Android smartphone. Still, it’ll quickly become clear what Google needs to do better with the Pixel 7a.

Perhaps the Google Pixel 6a doesn’t allow itself many vulnerabilities, except for an RRP of 459 euros. It’s fine, but offers room for more modern features. I found almost nothing wrong with the Pixel 6a, but I’d definitely like to see some improvements in the Pixel 7a. I would like to explain to you what they are in the following lines.

Google should install a quick display

In my opinion, there is no way around a 90 Hz display in this price range. Google has given the Pixel 6a the current Google Tensor, so there is enough system performance for the user to get visible benefits from the 90 Hz display. This is not always the case, as I noticed with the Redmi Note 11.

Such a fast display makes a difference and gives the user more value for everyday life. Once you get it, you don’t want to go down. It should only be on the Pixel 7a.

Charging technology: Google needs to offer a little more

While old camera technology doesn’t bother me because it still delivers top-notch recording, I think it’s important to take a step forward with integrated charging technology. Despite the RRP of 459 euros Google still hasn’t integrated wireless charging, and it’s a real hindrance in my daily life. I charge wirelessly in the car, at my desk, and in bed. It’s good for battery and it’s comfortable too.

Fast charging isn’t that important to me, but I’m sure other customers do. A maximum of 18 watts per wire is no longer appropriate. You can already expect 30 watts in this price range.

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