Pixel 7a upgrade: flagship camera, wireless charging and more



Google’s A series has improved somewhat in recent years, but it lacks a few points compared to the competition. On the other hand, the upcoming Pixel 7a is set to be a very significant upgrade, and is a great source for such information reports.

While the Pixel 6a was already a very good device, it was missing some important points. For example 90 Hz display. Google probably wants to fix the bugs that we and colleagues have fixed 9to5Google has long analyzed and gathered all the hidden clues that exist about the Pixel 7a.

Google may come up with some innovations for the case

It can currently be assumed that the Pixel 7a will come with a new housing. Google has often “saved” something here in recent years. Ceramics is mentioned again and could be an absolute first for Google after plastics, metals and glass.

A “nano-ceramic coating”, according to current speculation, will be used on the Pixel 7 The basic body of the smartphone is made of aluminum. After all, the new material will bring a new look.

The Pixel 5 was also aluminum, but coated:

Google Pixel 5 review back 2

New camera sensor and wireless charging

If Google is still relying on the older camera sensors of the Pixel 5 and its predecessors, the Pixel 6a, it seems a modest upgrade is planned for the Pixel 7a. The 50 MP camera sensor that Google introduced with the Pixel 6 could be there.

Exciting: Sources indicate that the Pixel 7a has a camera for zoom in addition to ultra wide angle. It’s probably a comparable setup of cameras to what we’re familiar with on the Pro models. How great!

Why is that? A big jump for the mid-range makes perfect sense. When choosing a camera sensor, cost factors can also be decisive. Compared to Samsung and Co., Google will still be “behind” – they have been talking about 200 MP for a long time.

Last but not least, a reference to wireless charging can already be found in the source code. It hasn’t been available on devices in this line since it started with the Pixel 3a. At over 450 euros, Google will eventually have to upgrade here. But probably only with 5 watts.

The Pixel 7a could mean a big leap forward

So far, the Pixel 6a, 5a, 4a and Co. There have been very good smartphones, but they have not made a difference when looking at the hardware. The Pixel 7a could change that drastically, but it could also be more expensive. If Google tries to get closer to Apple or Samsung Galaxy S FE, it would only be logical.

Ultimately, 9to5Google thinks this combination of information is not the supposed Pixel Ultra, but the mid-priced and all-new Pixel 7a. So it can be assumed that the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro will also get a big upgrade. And maybe more expensive.

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