Pixel: Google is probably making a luxury model


We’re expecting new Pixel phones from Google next month. There are new exciting rumors.

At least the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are planned, but the Pixel Notepad could also be shown this year. This is Google’s first foldable. It is said to be manufactured in China, as was another model first revealed in a report by a well-known insider.

He says that Google is developing a luxury model for the premium segment and is said to be using ceramic instead of glass or metal. This is the first. what is he otherwise white, similar to the description of the Pixel 7 Pro. Except for one camera, where Google likely uses a new Sony sensor. Exciting, which coincides with other discoveries.

Details known so far about the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro:

  • 6.3 (90 Hz) and 6.7 inch (120 Hz) OLED displays
  • Google Tensor 2 processor (GS201), probably 4 nm
  • Modem with 5G from Samsung
  • Completely new design for camera bar
  • Camera technology remains almost unchanged
  • 4K selfies and Pro front camera on Pixel 7
  • New sensor for the Pixel 7 Pro’s zoom camera
  • The Pixel 7 is slightly smaller than the Pixel 6
  • Hall sensor for magnetic detection in foldable case
  • the color
    Pixel 7: Obsidian, Snow, Lemongrass
    Pixel 7 Pro: Obsidian, Snow, Hazel
  • Android 13 ab is working
  • Market launch in autumn 2022
Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro.

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