Pixel Tablets and Notepads: Classic Finger Sensors?



With the Pixel 6 series, Google has switched to a fingerprint sensor integrated into the display. However, this may not automatically apply to all devices in the future.

Google is currently developing a Pixel tablet and a foldable. The two larger devices should again have the classic fingerprint sensor, which reveals the Android source code already today. Of course, this sensor does not sit behind.

There is a fingerprint sensor on the right side of the foldable

The formulas that have been discovered are clear to my mind. Google is likely to install the fingerprint sensor in the housing frame of the Pixel Tablet and Pixel Notepad (or Pixel Fold). With the foldable, probably on the right side.

This means that a single sensor can always be used, regardless of whether the large foldable display is open or closed. Definitely an important thing for a foldable and not an exclusive idea from Google. Samsung should be a role model.

The Pixel tablet has a fingerprint sensor on the top in landscape mode

With the Pixel tablets, Google likely uses a sensor on the power button, which is located at the top right of the housing frame in landscape orientation. We’ll only find out at some point if this is practical. The first images already indicate that the button is noticeably larger.

Google Pixel Tablet Camera

An exciting year ahead for Google fans

Google definitely wants to release new hardware, the Pixel Tablet, in 2023. With the first standalone foldable, perhaps named the Pixel Notepad, people have been pretty cool so far. Only the source code reveals some details here. What is certain is that 2023 will be very exciting for all fans of Google hardware.

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