Players don’t want Mojang to moderate Minecraft servers


From its concept, Minecraft It has always been a video game where users can express their freedom of expression, through the regular use of private servers. But from this it seems that they are in danger mojang You have the initiative to enter into them and constantly start to moderate them.

Users banded together using a hashtag titled #saveminecraft, betting that the decision would affect various communities within the game, thus infringing on their gameplay and others.

This was announced by one of the most famous YouTubers of the game, Taylor “Antvenom” Harris:

If Mojang thinks that all the expert coders who are against this system won’t try to embarrass them by breaking this system, I’ll bet against Mojang.

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The demise of a game I grew up watching and loved is extremely disappointing, it’s not the Minecraft I grew up with and Minecraft shouldn’t be growing up with today’s kids. #SaveMinecraft

If you see this please post something with #saveminecraft If you haven’t already I don’t want to see Minecraft get a censorship update @Minecraft to @Microsoft (it’s not Mojang’s fault it’s Microsoft’s) The video shows 1.19.1 inches In short

Rage and Hashtag are due last Wednesday’s v1.19.1 update Minecraft: Java Edition. Users can now report each other for “inappropriate chat messages or dangerous behavior” even on private servers. He wrote that the types of conduct that would amount to the prohibition are hate speech, intimidation, harassment, sexual solicitation or threats to others. mojang In a frequently asked question

Remember that Java version Exclusive to this pc.

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