PlayStation 5: Slim Edition may appear at the end of 2023



Drive falls off?

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There is no question that a PlayStation 5 Slim will appear. After all, Sony releases at least one redesign of the current console every console generation. The original design is usually implemented in a small format. Now more rumors have surfaced about the slim model of the PS5.

Rumors have surfaced since September that Sony is currently working on one PlayStation 5 Slim is working. A new report from Now revealing more details about the console and release date. So maybe the slimmer version Third quarter of 2023 will appear, which will make it available in time for Christmas business. Furthermore, the Slim seems to have received a relatively major redesign.

At least in the last generation, the design language of the original model was always adopted for the slim model. However, the look of the current PS5 is not particularly popular. Already upon release there was a lot of excitement about the rather bold design of the console, which looked rather monumental and futuristic. So it remains to be seen which way Sony will take with Slim. A More compact housing But it doesn’t have to be that way, as the internal hardware is also supposed to be modified.

A new revision of the PS5 APU will be the basis for a more compact chassis (Image: PlayStation YouTube)

So the applied voltage of the SoC is probably reduced by one low cost Grant permission. At the same time, the resulting waste heat will be reduced. It will also be possible to switch to fine production. This will be about usage TSMC’s 5nm process Presumably more recently, Sony has already equipped the PS5 with a slightly more efficient chip. Finally, a smaller cooling system can be used which is also cheaper to manufacture. As previously rumored, the optical drive will be omitted. Instead, there should be one external drive type, which can be attached to the console.

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