PlayStation confirmed the drop in revenue in its latest report


In recent days, many video game companies have released their respective financial reports, allowing investors to learn about the performance of large corporate entities. and now, play station It has already confirmed sales numbers to the general public, with scattered results that may not be positive.

The first thing that was shown was total sales in terms of devices PS5Total reached 21.7 million units Worldwide. And even if it’s an improvement over your last financial report, it’s not a huge difference. Because they are held on the last occasion 20 million consoles shippedSo the progress is not much.

These have decreased in terms of income 2%. Although network hardware and services such as sales PS Plus Grown up, all of this happens to affect hardware distribution. sold out 47.1 million Its games PS4 y PS5 In the quarter, being Less than 16.5The results presented in the report sony Given three months ago.

This is known within this framework 6.4 million This title is first party. Nevertheless, the data is lower than the record for the same period last year, which they sold 10.5 million own game Second, 79% Sold Digital versionA percentage that is a 71% increase over the previous record

Turns out it’s confirmed 47.3 million its customers PS Plus as June 31, 2022.

Editor’s Comment: Like Xbox, PlayStation seems to have a financial problem, which could lead to inflation and the new PS Plus taking the spotlight. Things may change in the coming months though, as one of Sony’s stars is coming in a few months, God of War Ragnarok.

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