PlayStation Direct arrives in Italy: what it is, the date and why celebrate



PlayStation Direct has finally arrived in Italy, with all the information needed to understand what it is and why it’s important.

Like any big self-respecting company, The PlayStation aims to expand even further And to diversify their business, to always be better present in the market and find alternative ways to make money. From this point of view, the news about millions of gamers in Italy and our country is very interesting. Official PlayStation report signed by the company’s CEO Jim RyanWe talk about the brand’s future plans and strategies to stay on top of the videogame industry

PlayStation Direct arrives in Italy: what it is, the date and why we need to celebrate

In the good Strategies The ones that have been selected and will be rolled out soon include PlayStation Direct, which will soon be rolled out to the rest of Europe. Currently present in England, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Holland and Belgium, it will soon be Portugal, Spain, Austria and onlyItaly.

PlayStation Direct, all information

But what is PlayStation Direct? Possibility to interface directly with PlayStation and buy directly from Sony. Instead of using third parties, for example, you can buy your PS5 or DualSense, such as Amazon. Buy products directly from the official website D PlayStation.

PlayStation live in Italy

When does PlayStation Direct come to Italy? There is currently no specific official date. The Japanese company aims, however, to expand the service to other European countries, according to the report. 2023. So maybe in a year it could already be up and running.

Why be happy with the arrival of PlayStation Direct in Italy? Because in this way the middleman, the third party shop and everyone else can be cut. You buy your PS5, your DualSense directly from Sony. And who is it? Plus customers will also get saved discounts. A way to speed up the time and quickly inform about its availability PS5. Here’s a great offer for gamers.


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