PlayStation Offer, 5 Required Discounts for Game Days


In the PlayStation Store it’s time for game days, with attractive discounts on a huge range of titles. We have selected for you five games that you will not miss in the collection and which you can find at bargain.

The best thing about playing days is that discounts, big and small, cover not only games from a few years ago, but also recent products. As proof that sometimes you just have to wait a bit and you will get real business.

PlayStation Offer, 5 Required Discounts for Game Day (Photo: Sony)

The discount percentage reaches 60% and involves a rotation of one thousand headlines and weekly flash deals. If you are in the mood for something new and don’t know what to choose, these are our current choices.

Game days, the best PlayStation discount of the moment

The PlayStation has definitely been on everyone’s lips lately. Indeed, there has been a flurry of season ticket upgrades, a flurry that seems to be back. We can therefore go back to business and not talk about Goes unconscious But video games.

PlayStation Offer, 5 Required Discounts for Game Days
PlayStation Offer, 5 Necessary Discounts for Game Day (Photo: YouTube)

There are actually many games with Sony discounts that you can buy at home for less than 20 euros, saving up to 80% of the original price. And we really found the best goodies in this “virtual basket”. If Batman in Pattinson sauce doesn’t satisfy you without paying 18 euros then you can have everything. Arkham Collection And aptly disguised as the Dark Knight. You are missing one Borderlands? Find Chapter 3 discounted 13.99 euros.

Also discounts for many content The Other Worlds. The base game is priced at 19.79 euros whereas the various expansions including Eridian’s beautiful assassination and Gorgon’s danger cost around 10 euros. But summer always calls for fear and survival for a thrill to break the heat wave. And so we can’t fail to mention The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes Which you can get for 19.79 euros.

We ended the roundup with Judgment, Produced by the same genius as the Yakuza, which you can use again as a summer pastime. The PS4 version is on offer for 17.99 euros while the PS5 version is 50% off 19.99 Euros. Most offers expire on June 9th so you still have a few days to decide.

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