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It looks like Sony is ready to launch a new PlayStation Studio According to a recent job application, plans are already underway to create a never-before-seen team, and His first objective would be to help naughty dog A yet-to-be-announced game is in development.

The job application Mention that This new team will be developed in collaboration with PlayStation Studios Visual Arts, a developer who previously helped with PlayStation motion capture, cinematics, animation, and various franchises including Uncharted and The Last of Us. What was mentioned about it was:

“This high visibility project is being developed in collaboration with Naughty Dog. Although not currently announced, we have a clear vision and plan to launch. Using our existing experience and top-level talent, we will ensure a high-quality visual bar for the game and an engaging experience for our players.”

Although it wasn’t specifically mentioned in the job application, the team’s first project would be an AAA, as the candidate must have expertise in producing and directing experiences of this caliber. In addition to this, speculations have also started about this This title will be related to the Uncharted serieswhich hasn’t seen an entirely new installment since 2017.

While there is no official information at this point, the idea of ​​seeing Nathan Drake and company once again is something that has been on the minds of players and PlayStation members themselves. Earlier in the year, Naughty Dog chief creative officer Sean Eskeg said it’s a world we “want to see more of.” Related topics, movies unpublished It will already have a release date on Netflix.


Editor’s note:

The idea of ​​seeing a new installment of Uncharted is something we all look forward to. However, if a studio other than Naughty Dog were to take on the project, it might be somewhat controversial, although I’m not against the possibility, I’d just be skeptical.

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