Pokémon GO gets new feature – Daily Adventure Smoke – .



Niantic Very excited to announce a new feature for Pokémon GO today: Everyday adventure smoke.

With this new feature, Trainers will receive a special Adventure Smoke every day. Unlike a normal smoke, it lasts 15 minutes and only spawns new Pokemon while running. Special thing about this item: During these 15 minutes, trainers can encounter Pokemon that are otherwise rarely seen in the wild. Teachers in rural areas especially benefit from this.

Also, players who have less than 30 balls in their inventory at the time of activation will receive 30 Poké Balls when using Adventure Smoke. Once the 15 minutes have passed, players will see a recap of the Pokemon caught, which can be easily shared.

More information about Daily Adventure Smoke can be found on the official blog: https://pokemongolive.com/de/post/daily-adventure-incense-update/

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I love it!

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