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In the catalog of Nintendo 64 games Switch to Online + Expansion Pack Is extended once more. On this occasion, Big N has revealed it Pokemon Puzzle League Will arrive at this service next week.

It was revealed through the trailer Pokemon Puzzle League Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack will be available to users from July 15. Interestingly, this is the first time the previously undeclared game has come to this service, which is to say, it is a complete surprise.

In addition, it has been revealed that in Japan, users will not receive this service Pokemon Puzzle League. Instead, There will be access to two custom robot games that it has built on the N64.

In related matters, Nintendo has launched a new subscription service in Japan. Similarly, Switch online users can now get the new Mario Prize.


Editor’s comment:

Both are custom robot games, as well Pokemon Puzzle League, They value it too. It’s a shame that the custom robot series is probably not available in our region, but the Pokemon game, which combines the aesthetics of the series with the gameplay. Tetris attackIt’s very worth it.

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