Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have a one-day patch




The official premiere is just a few weeks away pokemon Scarlett y Violet, the new generation version of the franchise that will attempt to give a fresh breath of the mechanics that fans already know. And now, it has been confirmed that like other games today, it will get a one day patch, which will be heavy for those without SD memory.

This will be the 1.0.1 update, which requires at least 1GB of space on the console to run the title, so users will need to purchase this additional space. Although the console also has an option to delete applications, since then there are games that users do not use for a long time.

The patch works to enable the possibility of online play, so that even if you want to play a single-user adventure, there will be no need to download both digital and physical formats. However, many will want to exchange animals and try multiplayer, so yes or yes, activating the update is mandatory.

Remember that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet They will arrive 18 November for Nintendo switch.

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Publisher’s Note: This is already a rule that almost all games apply at launch. So, every Switch expert console by now should already have a micro SD.


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