Pokemon Sword and Shield: Here’s a Competitive Gastrodon Free Redemption Code


A new release has been released at the ongoing Pokemon International Championships in North America Code Per Redemption for free And Competitive gastroenteritisTo add to your animal catalog Pokemon Sword and ShieldLet’s see what it is.

The redemption code for free competitive gastroenteritis is as follows: ER1CSGASTR0D0N

You can get the animal through the Pokemon Sword and Shield “Secret Gift” option or through a simple one. Method:

  • Go to the main menu and select Secret Gift
  • Choose to receive a secret gift
  • Select via Serial Code / Password
  • Enter code ER1CSGASTR0D0N

The creature in question is a Gastrodon based on the Pokemon used by Eric Rios in the East Sea, customized and winning the European International Championships. The animal in question can only be redeemed Until June 27, 2022Then you have two more days to run the process.

Gastrodon is a lively slag Pokemon with a residual tool, a Level 50 water nose capability and geophores, ice beams, ions and protection.

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