Polish food companies have stolen an idea from Cyberpunk 2077


Polish food companies have taken a formula from Cyberpunk 2077, creating a very special concept of their own that characterizes the game.

He saw that he could walk in front of everyone to grab a place on the Game Awards stage and take down most of the prizes available, including GOTY. And instead Cyberpunk 2077 It turned out to be nothing more than a perfect game, but the best game of the year it turned out to be. The title debuted in the market, in fact, with some really important issues, which hampered its launch and created chaos that we all felt and commented on.

Polish food companies have stolen a strange idea from Cyberpunk 2077

One of the hardest moments of the first year of life is a future video game CDPR Undoubtedly, when PlayStation decided to remove Cyberpunk 2077 from its store, the Japanese company’s servers were flooded and its business was damaged due to constant return requests from around the world. Fortunately, more than a year after its launch, the situation with video games is much better. Lots and lots of huge system patches They have improved the overall performance and made the game more enjoyable. Of course, appointments have gone down in history, with many now leaving Cyberpunk 2077 behind, moving on to other video games and important headlines that have been able to keep their word.

Cyberpunk 2077 hijacked by Polish food company

Of course, this is not a forgotten game, just the opposite. In fact, it is very easy to identify images, articles and content related to the title. All of this content is actually combined by one common factor, it’s as powerful as simple: Cyberpunk 2077 yellow. A strong, bright color that no one has used before and which is now vaguely associated with the Polish title. He talks about the chosen color Michał Janiszewski On its microphone IGN.com.

Cyberpunk 2077 Panam

“I remember the ad Food They are at the bus station and on smartphones Uses our yellow To draw attention. They literally used color because they saw how powerful it could be. “Developer Reveal. “Everyone in Poland was crazy about cyberpunk and there were posters everywhere. So something They just stole the paint. Meanwhile, a crazy offer cannot be missed here.

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