Popular trance streamer arrested due to police confusion


Currently, streamers can bring two types of news, either good or bad, although sometimes they find themselves involved in somewhat confusing situations that have little to do with their lives. This is exactly what happened Clara “Cefles” Sorrenti, A transgender influencer and political commentator who was recently unjustly arrested by Canadian police.

As he said in a video YouTube A few days later, the London Police Service woke up inside his home with an assault rifle pointed at his face. Apparently, someone sent an email to city councilors identifying him London, Ontario, claiming that he had killed his mother, was in possession of an illegal firearm and planned to go to City Hall and kill all cisgender people. Identifying the error in the mail and using the name before changing their gender.

When the police Ontario arrested Cephalus, they booked him at the police station under his former name, and that name was legally changed more than a decade ago. They even confuse the girl when talking to her mother, referring to her as “son”. Sra. SorrentiAlthough he ran twice for political office in Canada under his real, legal name: Clara Sorrenti.

Officials also seized his personal and work devices pc from where she was transmitting, as well as her fianc√©’s computer, which contained the only copy of her Ph.D. The young woman explained that the police should have been aware of these scary calls because it had happened to her before. On July 31, someone impersonating him sent a different email to politicians with similar threats. Sergeant of that division, Nathan Edward GibsonWhat it’s called for: A confusing event.

clara sorrenti (@clarasorrenti) / Twitter

Here’s the streamer’s comment:

Due to the negligence of the police service, we were both unemployed for a short time, and I spent thousands of dollars to replace our phones and computers so that our lives would not be completely ruined by what happened to us. After the police questioned me and realized this had happened to me before, they let me off without charge‚Ķ Even after I got a new phone, I still couldn’t log into some of my accounts because the police took me away. Blocked.

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