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From 30 to 150 euros, only a good coffee is available in any quantity, always and in any case. Yes, because those who do not know how to live without coffee will do everything to keep a portable coffee machine with them without an electrical outlet. And for their enjoyment, such devices exist and it is easy to find.

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Of course, you can’t think of having an espresso in the bar or one that can be prepared with mocha boiled in the oven, so there must be some inconvenience with a portable coffee machine, but at least while traveling. , Or while camping, you can enjoy coffee as close as possible to what you are accustomed to eating at home when you wake up.

Portable coffee machines, here’s how they work

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Of course, without electricity in hand, these machines have to be operated manually, both in terms of hot water and in terms of applying pressure to the water to increase coffee.

Which must be very finely ground because any pressure must be obtained by an action which is not created by a heat source like a stove, so manually or with individual energy, and it is natural that even the best coffee can be prepared. Less comfortable condition.

Of course, as mentioned, it will not be possible to have coffee on the go just like we do at home, but of course in terms of convenience, these machines can be found in some spectacular and general ecommerce stores such as Amazon.

Of course there are some features that distinguish portable coffee machines, but there are three that are essential.

First, they need to be small and can fit in a backpack or suitcase without taking up too much space. Then we talk about coffee extraction techniques that give the possibility to understand how the machine works. For example, they can work in two ways: by infusion or filtering.

Finally, it is necessary to determine the type of coffee to be used: some machines start with coffee beans, others use ground coffee and others are used with pods or capsules.

Among the most attractive models available on Amazon and priced at around 80 euros is the Wakako Nespresso, which uses two separate chambers for coffee and boiling water and has to handle coffee 30 times to get the coffee in and out using a pump method. All coffee.

Then there’s a machine that costs almost double, about 150 euros, the Wakako Picopresso, more compact than the previous one that delivers a coffee like bar espresso with cream.

And then there’s the Aerobie AeroPress A80 which is capable of making a very good American coffee. The machine is placed in cups or containers for use, the coffee is poured down, water is added and the plunger is pressed to get an infusion that falls into the cup. Available on Amazon for around 35 euros.

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