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PostKnight 2 will release the Greater Heights major update soon! This major update will bring many new content, features and improvements. New features include new language options including German, Spanish, French, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. We’ll also introduce a brand new land from the world of Prism: Aegle, land of the sages of Quivtol. Players will travel ancient treetop streets and explore a mighty crystal castle to battle demons of doubt and memories of sorrow.

Since the early access and initial release of PostKnight 2, Kurechii has continuously improved the gaming experience for its players. The narrative, environment, enemy design, combat system, visual aesthetics and more have been improved! Greater Heights’ major update marks the beginning of a new chapter that includes many improvements and features based on player feedback and community participation.

Postknight 2’s Greater Heights Major Update will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, starting with v1.3 – The Treetops of Sagacia releasing on August 2nd, 2022, followed by v1.4 – Regal’s Castle in September. 20th 2022

whoShort text for v1.3 synopsis: Treetops of Sagacia:

A new area – Sagasia forest

Leave your homeland of Kurestal and experience a brand new location: Quivtol! Your first stop is the ancient encampment of the war-torn Sagasia forest. Enter one of the hidden villages as an outsider and learn about Aegle culture as you become a skilled post knight!

A new story – conflicting facts

Larielle the Aegle wants your help starting a Postknight branch in Sagacia! However, his people don’t trust people like you… They also think there’s a monster lurking in their forest! Can you find out the truth about evil demons?

New enemies and sets

The wild animals of the Sagasia forest have taken over the deserted tree-lined road between the villages! They can fly, use wind magic, even throw dynapod bombs and shackles at you. You’ll need all the power, speed, and magic you can get from a new armor set, a higher level cap, and a new potion!

New pet – exotic friend

Beware of Monet and its playful antics! This animal is very intelligent and loves Purnanas. If you prefer a quiet pet, you may like the elegant Jenkoban. This premium pet is associated with many American wealth stories… Adopt these two when adding to the Prism pet!

Short text for v1.4 Synopsis: Regal’s Castle:

A new area – Regale City

Your journey has granted you access to the capital of Quivtoll: Regale. It is a citadel of knowledge, built around the Great Library and the Crystal of Lucidity within. What secrets will you find within these walls and under this starry sky?

A New Story – Abandoned Memories

How do you help them get what they want? When old songs reveal a long-forgotten memory, you and L’Oreal get a chance to prove the importance of postal knights. Can you two move the hearts of the Aegles and their queen through your delivery?

New enemies and scenery

Restless minds wake up in the night… In the battle outside Regal’s city walls, you’ll face enemies wielding the power of spirits and wind. They can tie you up or stun you, so be careful or you’ll lose your position!

New pets – from the popular Dhi-Mond

A sleepy squirrel likes to get a few naps, so don’t be surprised if it wakes up groggy! Oh, and don’t forget our talented web designers; The premium pet you voted for is… Araquartz!

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