Premium smartphones: Apple’s record success and the weight of the Galaxy S22 Ultra


Traditional Counterpoint Research analysis highlights the strategic aspects of premium smartphones, a sector where a brand is clearly different. Beware of the Galaxy S22 Ultra though

Apples Market orders for continued Smartphone premiumWhose worldwide sales are already Decreased by 8% On an annual basis in the last quarter. This is derived from the numbers shared by Counterpoint Researcher’s Market Pulse Service, which wanted to give insights into a section – which Smartphone premium – which has been overlapping for some years now for the most classic top of the range, the completeness of the technical data sheet and above all the price.

The iPhone 13 has lost its premium Android smartphone (AdobeStock)

The final balance shows that the premium device segment has outperformed the global smartphone market, with its global sales volume Instead reduced by 10%. This ensures the importance and centrality of the sector, which continues to have an appeal to consumers despite significant sales prices (in many cases above the psychological threshold of one thousand euros) and fierce competition for cheap smartphones. In fact, forEighth quarter in a rowMarket for Smartphone premium Global has performed better than the smartphone industry.

The iPhone 13 runs a premium smartphone

Smartphone Premium iPhone 13 Apple Galaxy S22 Ultra
Galaxy S22 Ultra is the best selling premium Android smartphone (Samsung screenshot)

As mentioned at the outset, this particular category is predominant Apples Thank you Record market share 60%Follows Samsung And by completion Oppo. ‘Apple’ is above all series in the push for success iPhone 13 And, in particular, the basic model, which has been at the top of global sales since October 2021. Instead reduce the number SamsungDue to the delay in the debut of the series in the market Galaxy S22: Model Ultra This is the best-selling and still the best-selling premium Android smartphone today.

Complete the podium OppoWith the numbers growing, there was a decline for a while Shaomi e Vivo.

The investigation into Counterpoint Research has also shifted Smartphone PigeonVoliWhich absorbs 3% of the total sales volume of the data in hand Smartphone premium. Got a category 184% annual growth And Samsung is still the industry leader. However, positive performance is expected for the entry of new competitors and lower selling prices.

Finally, other micro sectors Smartphone Presented by the “Ultra-Premium” segment, featuring devices priced above one thousand euros. In this sense, IPhone 13 Pro e 13 Pro Max The most representative smartphone in this category follows Android Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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