Prime Video, another benefit for customers. How to get Grubub Plus for free for one year


It is no coincidence that it is the number one e-commerce in the world. With his ideas, Amazon continues to impress its customers. The ultimate benefit is for Prime Video subscribers, now known globally as Grubub Plus.

Grubub Plus –

It’s a monthly subscription service that offers free meals for orders over $ 12 from participating restaurants in partnership with Amazon. Grubhub Plus Usually the coast 99 9.99 per month.

Amazon Prime customers in the United States are getting a new benefit as part of their subscription: Today they will be able to redeem a free year of Grubub Plus, endorsed by an official release from the Seattle giant.

Grubbah Plus is not the only additional benefit for Prime customers

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According to Amazon, free delivery is added Grubhub Plus These are available from thousands of restaurants in more than 4,000 cities across the United States. After the end of the year, Groove will automatically start charging $ 9.99 per month for continued access.

Existing Grubhub Plus customers can still take advantage of promotions, which will apply from the beginning of their next billing cycle. Canceling Prime, it should be noted, automatically cancels the service of Grubub Plus.

The deal follows a specific logic and strategy: it comes a few years after Amazon shut down Amazon Restaurant, Own efforts to compete in the home delivery market. The service ran between 2015 and 2019, but faced stiff competition from the choice Uber eats e Dordash.

Since then, the e-commerce giant has focused primarily on grocery supply, but has also taken a step forward in the takeout delivery market by partnering with other companies, taking other approaches.

He announced the investment Delivery Focused on Europe in 2019 and began offering access to its subscription services Delivery Plus As an additional benefit for Prime members in the UK last year.

As part of the deal announced today, Amazon is taking a 2% stake Groove, Which may increase by 15% over time. Reveals The Verge as authentic.
Announcing Amazon is not the only additional benefit for Grubbah Plus Prime customers. E-commerce is also summarizing the issue Teaser The trailer for his upcoming The Lord of the Rings TV show, entitled The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, is only available to Prime subscribers for 48 hours.

Members can watch the teaser on the show’s Amazon page. The trailer ends with the promise that another teaser will come July 14 Before the series is released on September 2nd. It is not certain that one is born, but one can become pure.

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