Project Zenless Zone Zero: the data of the new gioco of miHoYo, the authors of the Genshin Impact



miHoYo, not the author of Genshin Impact, has indicated that his new gioco – Project Zenless Zone Zero – The most beautiful place. La data datao è stata fissata per il 13 maggio 2022.

The information is constantly being transmitted Twitter, come potete vedere qui sotto. The official account was written: “Notice the lamp. Caribbean, a sub-hollow è accustomed to distractions in the state of the country.

Ilm link rimanda poi a una pagina nella quale si vede una stanza, con un televisore It is possible to see a journalistic service, which quotes a lot of energy in the oscillation that sembrans a part of a city. One of the reasons is that the catastrophe is in the course and the authority is constantly evacuating the city.

For the moment it is impossible to say with certainty that the tip of the gioco is tilted, but the imprint is what it is. sci-fi, piuttosto che fantasy. It is also credible that there is an ultra free to play for mobile, console and computer, even if it is just a speculation.

If you don’t have much to say about not attending the new official Zenless Zone Zero project, we will continue to focus on Genshin Impact.


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