Proteus, the new 100% Autonomous Amazon Warehouse Robot –


Amazon has decided to create absolutely new robots, the purpose of which is to ensure maximum efficiency and fairness in warehouses around the world. The company, therefore, promises that the devices it manufactures will be able to work in In order to guarantee efficient performance and great performance, however, what we are asking ourselves now is valid: will it be so, or not?

Proteus is one of the most successful Amazon projects –

Amazon Has launched the first fully autonomous robot Proteus on the market. In addition to being designed to move large trolleys between warehouses, the robot can operate with complete autonomy and protection, among human workers and above all without annoyance. Therefore, it will no longer be necessary to set up specially equipped areas; Yes Will adapt The area in which it will be placed.

To drive Proteus Advanced navigation and barrier perception technology has been applied by American society. In addition to his presence i Employee People This will be essential: it will help transport heavy trolleys between different sectors of their warehouses, make the job easier and protect someone from getting hurt. Compared to others Information Do we have on it?

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Proteus, the new 100% autonomous Amazon warehouse robot
We should be grateful to our company for creating such a device –

As you can imagine, keep in mind that Proteus will soon be deployed to all logistics and sorting centers. Amazon. Initially it will only take care of the work in the handling area, but the company’s ambitious goal is to include it in all work processes, even if it takes some time to get it. Opportunity. However, considering the current situation, it is still a fair expectation.

It is expected to come later Basic, A robotic arm capable of lifting weights up to 50 pounds. Its testing phase will last a few more months, then will be consolidated, within the next year, presumably, in all warehouses. Site E-commerce. And thanks to their teamwork, we will definitely move from manual work to fully automated and secure. It will not take the job from the present Human employeesThat’s for sure, but it won’t let them take too much risk because the two robots will work very well together.

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