PS Plus vs. Xbox Game Pass: Who’s the big dog of game subscriptions now?


The PlayStation Plus is finally taking it to the Xbox Game Pass. Since Thursday, Sony’s game subscription service has been transformed into a three-headed dragon, designed specifically to embrace Microsoft’s Behemoth. While PS Plus may count more members – more than 25 million to 47 million – Game Pass has established itself as a premier offer over the past few years. Thanks to Microsoft sinking billions upon billions of Xbox, PC, and mobile gamers access to one-day releases, a great back-to-back catalog that is constantly updated, and a service that fits your game. In the end, Sony knew it would have to respond in one way or another to the game. And now it is.

Now that Sony and Microsoft are on a higher level, which one is doing better with its video game subscriptions? Comparing the three PS Plus plans (Required, Extra and Deluxe) with the three Xbox offers (Live Gold, Game Pass, and Game Pass Ultimate) we’re going to dive into this here. Remember, it’s not always Apple to Apple, because Sony and Microsoft have adopted that approach. What’s more, though, is that Sony-Microsoft gaming Duplicate – Nintendo works in its own world, really – is just cemented more with these subscriptions. The Xbox and PlayStation have already carved out a hardware world within themselves and now they are moving further.

PlayStation Plus Deluxe vs Extra vs Essential: What’s Best in India?

If you want a bigger debate, tune in to our podcast below. And if you’re here for the PlayStation Plus vs. Xbox game pass, keep reading.

PS Plus Essential vs. Xbox Live Gold: Advantages

The PlayStation Plus’s new-rebranded base tier still doesn’t compete with the Xbox Game Pass. Instead, its direct competitor is Microsoft’s other subscription, the Xbox Live Gold. Allow me to explain.

For one, you need PS Plus Essential and Xbox Live Gold to be able to play online multiplayer titles on Sony and Microsoft consoles, respectively.

In addition, both of them offer two or more free games per month. While Sony offers two PS4 titles and a PS5 game, Microsoft sticks with the Xbox One and Xbox 360 era.

Base subscriptions give you extra discounts – usually around 10 percent – during PlayStation and Xbox digital sales.

The PS Plus Essential has a number of advantages that do not match the Xbox Live Gold though. You get bonus exclusive content in your PlayStation games In Xbox, all you need is Xbox game pass.

And second, you get access PlayStation Plus CollectionA catalog of two dozen PS4 hits – from Bloodborne to Battlefield 1 – is only available on the PS5.

That said, Sony locks up free cloud storage for your PS4 and stores the PS5 game behind a subscription. Microsoft is not stingy about cloud storage, it offers it to everyone – even if you don’t subscribe.

Sony gives you 100GB PS4 storage and 100GB PS5 storage, from Microsoft Policy Flexible: “Every game is given storage. As your game library grows, so does your cloud storage. “

Batman: Part of the Arkham Knight PS Plus collection
Photo Credit: Warner Bros./Rocksteady Studios

PS Plus Essential vs Xbox Live Gold: Price in India

Although it may have a new name, PS Plus Essential retains the old value – Rs. 499 per month 1,199 quarterly, and Rs. 2,999 per year.

Meanwhile, the price of Xbox Live Gold comes to Rs. 349 per month, Rs. 749 quarterly, and Rs. 1,999 per year.

The latter is cheaper, but PS Plus Essential offers even better free games. The PS Plus Collection (on the PS5) is a bonus.

Also, Sony offered PS Plus discounts at least twice a year – usually at 25 percent. We need to see if this continues with PS Plus Essentials.

I’m going to call this round for Sony.

The first new PlayStation Plus layer that actually competes with Xbox game passes is the extra, middle bracket for Sony’s three new levels. Although this is still not an accurate one, you will see.

Sony’s Game Catalog – as it is called – offers over 300 PS4 and PS5 games, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Control, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Returnal. Some titles are a subset of Ubisoft +, courtesy of Ubisoft + Classic.

In the meantime, Xbox Game Pass offers over 400 Xbox series S / X, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox games. The best ones here.

On top of that, Game Pass also offers several one-day releases, in addition to third-party titles – from Hello Infinite to Forza Horizon 5 – all made by Xbox Game Studio.

Forza Horizon 5 Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 was a one-day release near Xbox Games
Photo Credit: Xbox / Playground Games

Sony has said that the new PS Plus will not adopt this approach with its own games. The latest first-party games on the service are remastered / upgraded versions (Ghost of Sushima’s Directors Cut, and Death Standing Directors Cut), the latest new game will be back in April 2021.

It said other game developers would be given this opportunity. For example, Straw – the upcoming Cyberpunk Cat game – will release PS Plus on the first day at extra and higher levels.

And you might say, Sony isn’t offering classic games – which are out of the PS4 era – on the PS Plus Extra. This makes Xbox Game Pass a good alternative for some.

Sony PlayStation Plus Extra is priced at Rs. 749 per month, Rs. 1,999 for three months, and Rs. 4,999 for one year.

This is asking a lot of questions in India, especially since Microsoft decided to reduce the price of game passes in early 2022.

Xbox game pass now starts from money 7 349 per month, Rs. 1,049 for three months, and Rs. 2,099 for six months.

There’s no annual option, but Sony offers 80 percent savings in the annual plan compared to the monthly variant, but even cheaper to stack two six-month game pass subscriptions.

There is no online gaming with Xbox Game Pass, but PS Plus does not offer extra classic games.

The PS Plus has Ubisoft + Classic, while the game pass has very few Ubisoft titles such as Far Cry 5 and Assassin’s Creed Origins.

But the biggest difference is that many of the game passes have one-day releases.

With low prices, large catalogs and even better features, Microsoft easily takes this round.

If online gaming isn’t your priority, this round is Sony’s.

Killer religion is good. Killer religion is good

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is available with PS Plus game catalog
Photo credit: Ubisoft Montreal

PS Plus Deluxe / Premium vs Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Advantages

What is left now is the best of the best. The PlayStation Plus Premium Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers the best level of competition. But the facilities here are not available worldwide.

If you want to stream games on the cloud, you will need PS Plus Premium or Game Pass Ultimate.

Premium includes all available PlayStation Now games – a separate subscription now integrated on PS Plus – including PS3 games that are only available through cloud streaming.

Xbox Cloud Gaming – as it is called – is only available with Game Pass Ultimate, unless you get a free title like Fortnite that is open to everyone. The Xbox Cloud Gaming Catalog is a smaller version of the Game Pass catalog.

PS Plus Premium supports streaming on PC and PS5, Xbox Cloud Gaming works on PC, Xbox and Mobile.

But cloud gaming is not found in India and anywhere else. Sony has come up with a different name for the service – the PlayStation Plus Deluxe. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate holds the same name.

There are two more benefits to offering PS Plus Deluxe / Premium. A classic catalog of over 80 games from the PS1, PS2, and PSP eras. And a selection Game trial – Horizon Forbidden West, Cyberpunk 2077, and for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands choice – running 1 to 3 hours.

In the meantime, in Game Pass Ultimate, you have access to four more features. The biggest of these is access to all EA Play, which gives you hundreds of more games, 10-hour trials for new titles, and a 10 percent discount on all EA game purchases.

fifa 22 fifa 22

FIFA 22 is available with EA Play, part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Photo Credit: EA Sports

Second, the Xbox Live Gold game pass is included in the Ultimate, which gives you access to online multiplayer, and the rest I mentioned at the beginning.

Third, Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate also includes PC Game Pass, which means you also have access to hundreds of game pass titles on your gaming PC.

And last but not least, Game Pass Ultimate offers free features and exclusive discounts from time to time, be it limited to Disney + / Discord subscriptions and bonus game content and add-ons.

PS Plus Deluxe vs Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Price in India

PlayStation Plus Deluxe – Top Level – Available for Rs 849 per month, Rs 2,299 for three months, and Rs. 5,749 annually.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, meanwhile, costs Rs 499 per month, Rs 1,499 for three months, Rs 2,999 for six months, Rs 5,999 annually, and Rs. 11,999 for two years.

As you can see, GamePass Ultimate is much cheaper than PS Plus Deluxe on a monthly basis, PS Plus Deluxe is slightly cheaper if you opt for the whole year.

Of course, if you choose Open Secret Route – 36 months of stacking Xbox Live Gold, and converting to Game Pass Ultimate – then a Microsoft subscription is much cheaper.

In terms of convenience, Sony has nothing to offer to deal with EA Play and PC game passes. Ubisoft + Classics – Available on PS Plus Extra and Deluxe / Premium – No match.

And while the deluxe / premium Sony could match the classic offerings of GamePass Ultimate, Microsoft’s full-day release didn’t hit things.

Game Pass Ultimate is the winner for me, especially if you take the Open Secret route. Even if you have both PC and Xbox.

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