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PS5 and Xbox Series X | Ever since the launch of the S, the shortage of available units in stores has been a problem that has plagued anyone interested in buying one of these consoles. However, that has changed little in recent months, to the extent that many analysts say these problems are a thing of the past. According to David Gibson, senior analyst at MST Financial, Sony has improved the distribution of the PS5 since March this year, from 1.5 million units in the spring to 7 million in the US last month. This represents a 400% increase over what was seen in 2021 during the same period. Along with this, GameIndustry member Christopher Dring confirmed that PS5 distribution around the world has also improved significantly in recent months. This isn’t just limited to Sony consoles, as there has been a significant increase in Xbox Series X|S units available, and last month we saw an 89% increase over 2021. Undoubtedly, great news for all those who want to get into the new generation, but haven’t had the chance to find one of these consoles. On a related note, the PS5 gets a new update. Likewise, how long will it take for PS5 exclusives on PC?
Editor’s Note: While it looks like the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S scarcity jokes won’t stop, it’s good to see more people finally getting their hands on one of these consoles. Let’s just hope the price hike on the PS5 doesn’t scare these people away now. Via: David Gibson The post PS5 stock is finally on the right track first at Atomix.


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