Raspberry Pi Pico W Microcontroller with Wi-Fi Chip Launched: All Details


The Raspberry Pi Pico W microcontroller was launched on Thursday, based on the RP2040 chip built on TSMC’s 40nm low-power process. It is an upgraded model of the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller that was launched in January last year. As the name suggests, Pico W adds wireless connections for the development of Internet of Things (IoT) projects. In addition, this microcontroller is designed to maintain full pin compatibility with its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi Pico platform. The company has also launched Pico H and Pico WHO, which are slightly more expensive than the regular versions and feature pre-attached pin headings.

Raspberry Pi Pico W, Pico H, Pico WH Price, Availability

Raspberry Pie Pico W is priced at $ 6 (around Rs. 475) and can be purchased from vendors listed on Raspberry Pie Site. This microcontroller in India Price 490. $ 5 (around Rs. 395) Pico H is also available on the official site. Meanwhile, customers will have to wait until August to get their hands on the Pico WH, which will cost $ 7 (around Rs 555).

Raspberry Pi Pico W Specification, Features

As mentioned earlier, this microcontroller has an in-house RP2040 platform built on TSMC’s 40nm low-power process. It packs two 133MHz Arm Cortex-M0 + cores and 264KB on-chip SRAM. The Raspberry Pie Pico W also comes with an Infineon CYW43439 chip for a 2.4GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi connection. This chip can also support Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth low-energy technologies. The company has teased to enable Bluetooth connection in the future. Also, it is programmable via C and micropython.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has also introduced the Pico H and Pico WH microcontrollers featuring pre-populated headers and the company’s new 3-pin debug connector. These added features may make the installation of these microcontrollers easier for some users.

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