Recharge iPhone: The function you can’t do without, it changes your life



There is an iPhone charging trick that is incredible and few know about. After you implement it as planned, you can no longer do without it! Users are already going crazy for it

A few weeks ago now, apple Officially the new presentation iPhone 14. The Cupertino company’s top of the range is experiencing – as planned – a record success, with millions of customers around the world willing to do anything to take home. Melaphonini’s latest arrival.

Low Battery (Canva Photo)
Low Battery (Canva Photo)

Among the many benefits introduced, battery. As every year, Apple’s work is focused on ensuring the maximum possible autonomy time. And it’s like this again this time, with a simple upgrade to see all that. But that may not be enough, and here they come into play Some interesting tricks. If you apply it, you can’t do without it.

iPhone Charging Tricks You Must Know

If you have problems with Charging your iPhone Or more simply you want to keep everything more under control, this strategy we are going to tell you is right for you. User trustnoperry_ su has taken care to explain in detail how the installation works tick tock, with the tutorial we leave you below. By following various steps step by step, you will have a useful automation Check the charging time Apple smartphone.

iPhone battery 20221114
Below are all the different steps you need to follow (Adobe Stock)

Log in first This is the link And proceed by downloading the command “Recharge Time”. Once installed, the latter will indicate the remaining battery and estimated charging time. By clicking Run from the Quick Commands section, you can test the operation yourself.

Once this is done, access Automation section and create a new one. Then click Charger, Next and see Run as an action. and then run the quick command. Selecting during recharge is just installed. By unchecking “Ask before running” you will complete all the steps. At this point, every time you connect the phone to the charger, a notification will appear indicating the estimated time to reach 100% battery. A strategy that can come in very handy To calculate time well.

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