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There’s more besides the Twitter-Elon Musk controversy, a legal battle that will begin in October, the first round with the Californian instant messaging reservation. But Whitebird’s social brand has other problems, which may be more serious.

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A Weakness Twitter security allows a cybercriminal to discover account names associated with specific email addresses and phone numbers – including secret celebrity accounts This can lead to an intimidating image of the neighborhood 5.4 million Twitter profiles at risk.

Confirmation of this possibility comes from the person concerned. Twitter fixed the bug in early 2022, after receiving a report through its bug bounty program, but hackers were able to exploit the vulnerability before Twitter knew it.

Selling information on a forum

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Weaknesses, which arise from a up to date The platform, which was brought to its code in June 2021, went unnoticed until earlier this year. That gave hackers months to exploit the flaw, though Twitter claimed that “There is no evidence that anyone exploited the vulnerability“The time of its discovery.

In last month’s report Dr Bleeping computer Instead, he suggested otherwise, revealing that a hacker managed to exploit the vulnerability while flying under Twitter’s radar. It is known that Cyber ​​criminals (or cybercriminals) exploited the flaw to amass a database of over 5.4 million accounts and then tried to sell the information on a hacker forum for $30,000.

After analyzing the data posted on the forum, Twitter has confirmed that its user data has been compromised. However, it’s still unclear how many users were actually affected, and Twitter doesn’t seem to know either. So the sensational image may not identify the exact amount of risk profile.

Although Twitter claims it intends to notify affected users, it is not “Able to confirm all potentially affected accountsTwitter advises anyone concerned about their secret account to enable two-factor authentication, as well as associate an email address or phone number that is not publicly known with an account they do not wish to be associated with.

A tip for its users who know about Red Alert. Much more serious than quarreling with Elon Musk. Who earlier wanted to buy Twitter, is now fighting with all his weapons, starting with Twitter before it reaches the courtroom.

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