Red Nikon sues Z9 for violating its video compression technology with N-RAW video capture


A new lawsuit filed by representatives of movie camera maker RED accuses Nikon of illegally using patented data compression technology on its Nikon Z9 full-frame mirrorless camera.

The plaintiff,, LLC (RED), is suing the defendant, Nikon Corporation (Nikon), for patent infringement, according to a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. In particular, RED accuses Nikon of knowingly using the technology described in RED’s patents as ‘extremely compressed’.[ed] Video data in a seemingly harmless way on Nikon’s Z series mirrorless cameras, such as “Nikon Z9 with Firmware 2.0.”

As we reported in December 2021, Nikon is licensing PIX’s TicoRAW technology for 8K / 60p N-Raw video on its Z9 mirrorless camera. Interestingly, Entopix describes its patented TicoRAW technology as ‘mathematically harmless and visually harmless up to 1 bit per pixel’, which is incredibly similar to how RED describes its technology.

A screenshot from intoPIX’s website showing the benefits of its patented TicoRAW technology.

RED further alleges that Nikon was aware of this patent technology and its ‘previous lawsuits involving one or more patents’. In particular, referring to its allegations against RED Kinefinity, Nokia and Sony, Sony has come a long way. Counter red For its patent infringement.

According to RED, Nikon’s use of patented compression technology could cause irreparable damage to RED, which cannot be adequately compensated by the loss of money, loss of sales and profits, loss of business and its general reputation and Loss of industry. Standing. ‘ Despite allegations that the “loss of money cannot be adequately compensated”, RED said it was entitled to at least three times the amount of damages received or assessed due to Nikon’s intentional and intentional breach. [and] Nikon’s breach presents an exceptional case and his attorneys are entitled to pay a fee. “

RED also wants “an initial and permanent ban that would order Nikon to breach claims”, meaning that Nikon would stop promoting and selling the product for allegedly violating RED’s technology. What is not clear is why RED is suing Nikon instead of Entopix. In the industry, Nikon’s licensing IntoPIX’s TicoRAW technology was fairly well covered in the industry. However, RED explicitly states that Nikon sells products on the same channel as the complaint and notes that sales Nikon’s alleged infringing products will hit the bottom line of the RED.

This is entirely speculative, but it doesn’t seem possible for RED to have a lawsuit against their intoPIX, since they are in different markets: camera hardware vs. codec licensing, respectively. It is also possible RED is hoping that this complaint will lead to a settlement with Nikon, who could probably come to a more significant financial deal than intoPIX.

Below are the full complaints:

We contacted both Nikon and RED for comment on this matter. At the time of publication of this article, only Nikon responded, but stated that it was “unable to comment on the matter.”

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