Reggie discusses why the Wii U never used two gamepads



Reggie U.

When Nintendo Wii U Remaining in circulation, it has been mentioned countless times that an update will be included to use two gamepads on the same console at any one time. Function that his day did not come to an end, and now, the former president of the department America, Reggie Fils-AimeIt’s about talking.

In an interview with Dr. MinnMaxx The executive mentioned that the gamepad is a local multiplayer We will Didn’t happen for two reasons. First, most had already guessed, its installed base We will It was too little for the company exploring the idea. It’s going to be an investment that obviously isn’t going to pay off in sales.

On the other hand, the Japanese company never had a clear idea for a game where the two of them needed it Wii U gamepad. Mention that if you are going to work with such functionality for a system, you must have a game to show it. There is going to be a game (single player) to use the idea Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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