Reminder: Remote Play Together is one of Steam’s best features



A Wattam screenshot.

Wattam is one of many games that support Remote Play Together. (Image credit: Funomena/Annapurna Interactive)

As an idea, Remote Play Together is the perfect Steam feature. It turns local multiplayer games into online multiplayer games without developers having to make their own online modes. Just by existing, it makes loads of Steam games better, at least for people who can’t be in the same room together to play them, which is most of us here in 2020. 

Of course, internet connections are wobbly, and so Remote Play Together can result in 15 minutes of starting and restarting a game before ultimately saying to hell with it, it’s not working today. When I have gotten it working, though, the feature has allowed me to play games like TowerFall Ascension with friends, which I just couldn’t have done two years ago, given that I’m not physically near anyone I play games with. Sweetening the deal is that only the person hosting a Remote Play Together session has to own the game being played. That’s how things would be if you were actually at your friend’s house, but it’s always a little surprising when there isn’t a catch.


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