Repairing a Samsung smartphone will no longer be a problem with this solution


Samsung recently announced a new solution to make the repair of its foldable devices more affordable and accessible to everyone. Here are all the details of the master plan

market for Smartphone paigevoli It has never achieved greater success. But despite all this, it still falls under the emerging technology category. Launched a few years ago, these devices have yet to enter the general imagination and as a result, They need time to establish themselves Definitely

Repairing Samsung Leaflets will be easier thanks to this convenient solution (Adobe Stock).

It probably is prezzo, is too high and it drives consumers to other already established devices. This is for example the case of Samsung, which however – for itself Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip – Remember a possible solution to the problem. Especially in terms of repairs, with an ad hoc plan to make them cheaper.

Samsung plans to increase sales of its foldable devices

Repair work has started from this year Smartphone Samsung pieghevoli They will be less expensive. A choice guided by the desire to increase sales and bring more and more consumers closer to this technology. In fact, significant progress has already been made regarding the tolerance of devices. Just think again Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 They are considered the best devices ever for immersion and durability.

Samsung support 20220813
The goal is to bring more customers closer to this type of market with various incentives (Adobe Stock).

But from today we are moving to the original plan to save the customers Samsung Care Plus It will only cost less. For example, replacing the damaged screen now will only cost you 29 dollars. However, you must be a subscriber, otherwise the figures skyrocket. Also for a broken screen, out of warranty and as far as repairs go without Care Plus 480 dollars.

It is still unclear how many out-of-warranty replacements can be made on the new Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4. The first suggestion is to subscribe to Care Plus to stay safe and obviously very alert about the health of your folding device. In order to avoid shelling out large sums To fix screens or other components There are always third-party repairers who can fix the problem at a lower price, but with more difficulty in finding all the necessary materials for replacement and commissioning.

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