Report: Netflix isn’t playing the game well Atomics


Considering the controversy and complicated situation Netflix At this point, it’s likely that many have forgotten that the company also has a foot in the video game industry, offering free mobile experiences to all users of its platform. nevertheless, A new report indicates that this segment is not doing so well.

According to data from CNBC, Netflix’s offering in video games has performed poorly in the market. While they plan to offer free experiences to between 24 and 50 people by the end of the year, the report notes that Only 22.3 million downloads have been seen so far. While this number doesn’t sound bad, once it’s put into perspective we see that things could be better.

total, Only 1.7 million subscribers are said to have downloaded the game. Considering Netflix’s 221 million users, the number of people who enjoyed it Stranger Things 3: The Game And further, it does not reach 1% of the total base of this platform at the moment.

nevertheless, It seems the company has no intention of letting up. During the last investor meeting, Netflix COO Greg Peters noted:

“We’re going to be experimental and try a lot of things. But I would say that the eye that we have on the long-term reward is really more focused on our ability to create features that connect to the universe, the characters, the story that we’re building.

In the future we will look at inspired games The Queen Gaming, Squid Game, Money Heist and many more. How well they do remains to be seen, since few people are talking about these experiences. In a related matter, Netflix must pay millionaires after losing a lawsuit. Likewise, it premieres in August on the platform.


Editor’s note:

Netflix should give up video games. While this is a potentially very lucrative market, they are in no position to spend money on an experience that not even 1% of their users try.

Through: CNBC

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