Report serious problems with Instagram Atomics




If you woke up today and discovered that your profile Instagram was postponed, it was a mistake. Like other meta platforms, The social network specializing in photos and videos suffers from a few problemsof which their true scale is still unknown.

This issue is just a technical glitch, and is being fixed gradually throughout the day. So if your account is blocked in the morning, It’s probably back to normal now. But what caused this problem remains a mystery. What were the comments of this company:

“We are aware that some of you are having trouble accessing your Instagram account. We are looking into it and apologize for the inconvenience.”

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that over the past few months, WhatsApp and Facebook, two of Meta’s most popular apps, They have faced several issues which block their users momentarily. Let’s hope this doesn’t become an Instagram habit.

In a related matter, Twitter will charge more for its subscription service. Similarly, they blamed Instagram for the suicide of a young woman.


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