Reports indicate how many millions Joaquin Phoenix will earn to record Joker 2


The script of the second film was confirmed a month ago the joker Already finished, or at least what was revealed through some photos Joaquin Phoenix It’s reading and now, a new report indicates how much money the actor will earn to reprise his role as the legendary villain.

According to diversity, the character’s interpreter will earn nearly $20 million to bring this unique version of the Joker back to life. This increase is somewhat remarkable, as he was paid $4.5 million in the first film, but when the film was released, it became a success that generated a lot of profit.


Joker 2 Will be written and directed again Todd Phillips, but for now nothing has been said about the start of filming, or anything directly related to the cast. There are rumors Lady Gaga may be Harley QuinnBut beyond these data are the potential data for subsequent success A Warner Bros. movie It’s a secret.

Note that this is the rival of the universe batman Not linked in any way to others, such as setting where Robert Pattinson also play bat, Batman 2 You already have your own Joker, Barry KeoghanWho makes a brief appearance at the end of the tape, hinting that he may be the new threat to defeat.

Note that the first part is visible HBO Max.

Through: Gamespot


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