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Although we got a great look at the remake of Resident Evil 4 yesterday, many players still have their doubts about this installment, especially regarding the time period. After Resident Evil 3’s remake disappointed many in the department, Capcom assures that there’s nothing to worry about with the game coming in 2023. In a recent interview with PC Gamer, the remake’s producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi was previously questioned about the title’s duration. While no specific information was shared, Kobayashi mentioned that this installment will be the same length as the original game. He commented: “When we started production on Resident Evil 4, we took into account what people thought was good. [en los remakes de Resident Evil 2 y 3] And could we improve? An example is the gameplay of Resident Evil 4, which will be almost identical to the original title. On HowLongToBeat, which takes multiple people’s time, it’s noted that Resident Evil 4 takes about 15 hours to complete, which can be doubled trying to get everything. Thus the remake may take time. Along with this, Kobayashi mentioned that while they will be faithful to the GameCube classics, we will also see a series of new paths. Resident Evil 4 Remake PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | Coming to S and PC on March 23, 2023. On related topics, here you can see the new gameplay of this title. Similarly, special editions of the game are released.
Editor’s note: Although 15 hours sounds like a good amount of time, it is a bit exaggerated. If you already know what to do, it probably won’t take you more than 10 hours to finish Resident Evil 4. However, the remake will introduce a few new features that will surprise even those who know this adventure like the back of their hand. Via: PC GamerThe post Resident Evil 4 Remake Timeline appeared first on Atomics.


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