Resident Evil Village DLC will feature another hero


The new expansion will go on sale in a few more weeks Resident evil villageContent that will focus on stress relief for families winterThat’s happening the rose Arc’s main character. However, it has only been commented that the initial plan was different, as they planned to cast another familiar face in the starring role.

In a recent interview, the director of the game, Kento KinoshitaThey were analyzing the possibility of putting comments Chris Redfield Somehow in this new short-lived adventure. Although in the end they decided to part with their daughter completely EthanAs it was emphasized in the final scene that the story will revolve around him.

Here is his statement:

During the project, there were some ideas that centered around Chris. But we wanted to focus on Rose.

DLC for this video game will come later 28 OctoberThis includes the platforms on which the game was released, even if it will be added Nintendo Switch Through cloud services. To this we can add that, which does not yet have the base title, the Gold Edition will be sold with all the additional content launched. Capcom.

Through: Gamesradar


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