Reveal the potential value of a Game Pass family membership


It is currently known that there is a beta version of Family Membership Xbox Game PassWhich reached country like country Colombia and Ireland Recently for inside. And now, a journalist has commented on its potential value, along with a discount that seems key to everything the subscription service offers.

Jez Corden of Windows Central Family membership will reveal that $24.99 USD According to his informants, this information may be correct, because the user himself revealed the previously known method Microsoft. And if the current subscription costs $14.99 USD, will only be added $10 USD Additional for four-person play.

When I initially reported this, I was told that the planned price for the US market was $24.99 for 4 family friends linked to their Microsoft account, which is the same as Office 365 for families.

If we use a similar percentage to the case of Mexico, a region where game pass cuesta $229 MXN Per month, this can be concluded to be around $379 MXN. It’s worth mentioning though that these are just speculations, so waiting for a confirmation Microsoft At best, something that could happen at any time.

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