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While high output lights are my preference for their versatility, having a smaller form factor Fresnel with good output plus a battery option is a light most of us would like to have in our kit. The Aputure LS 60 line fits into that smaller and punchy category and yes it has a Fresnel type lens, including barn doors and more. Let’s dive in, shall we?

LS 60d/x specifications

  • LS 60x bicolor range 2700-6500k
  • LS 60d 5500k
  • 15°~45° Adjustable Spot/Flood Beam Angle
  • IP54 Weatherproof (Dust and Water Resistant)
  • Use One NP-F Battery for Half Power; Two for Full Power
  • 0-100% Adjustable Brightness
  • Compatible with Bowens Mount Adapter and “Spotlight Mini Zoom” Projection Lens
  • Includes Barn Doors for Shaping Light
  • Includes Dual Sony NP-F Battery Plate
  • Supports Sidus Link Mobile App Control
  • 8 Built-in Lighting FX: Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Strobe, Explosion
  • 360° Tilting Yoke
  • V-Mount Receiver Built Into Yoke for Attaching AC Adapter, Dual NP-F Battery Plate, or V Mount Battery for Compact Operation
  • Includes 6m long power cable
  • Ultra-quiet 18dB cooling fan design
  • Aircraft-grade Aluminum Build Quality
  • Concealed Antenna for Durability
  • Power Output: 60w
  • Working temperature: -10~45°C
  • Power Specifications: AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz


What’s Included in 60d and 60x Kits

  • LS 60 Lamp Head
  • LS 60 8-Leaf Barndoors
  • Power Supply
  • AC IEC Power Cable1
  • Dual Sony NP-F Battery Plate Adapter for LS 60
  • D-Tap Power Cable (4-Pin)
  • Bowens Mount to LS 60 Adapter
  • Carrying Case

The kit includes a semisoft case that fits all the included accessories. The dividers are padded hook & loop fastener. This is nice as you can rearrange it if you have other things you want to include. Keep in mind. It doesn’t have a lot of extra room.

Light Storm 60 tight

The LS 60 Series has a different look to it. It’s more of a tube shape. The yoke has enough clearance so the light can face straight up. In the down position, it also has an excellent range. The yoke is firm with no flex.

Light Storm 60 2 scew yolk

The light post mount on the yoke uses two screws to prevent twisting. Overall it has an excellent build to it.

Light Storm 60 locking knob

The light has a single locking knob. It uses rosette style teeth to lock in place. This is great for heavy front modifiers as it won’t slip. One slight downside is the fixture has to set in the rosette stages, so if you want it at a specific tilt position, it might not be possible. This isn’t a deal-breaker, just something I noticed, and in practice, it probably won’t be an issue. I like that it locks so tightly.

LS 60d Specifications

The LS 60 light isn’t lightweight as it comes in at almost 4 lbs.; however, that should be expected due to its aluminum body build. There isn’t a lot of plastic for the critical parts.

IP54 Weatherproof

The fixture is IP54 Weatherproof, so it can handle some moisture but isn’t waterproof.

5 = Protected against quantity of dust that could interfere with the normal operation of the product but not fully dust-tight. Complete protection against solid objects.

4 = Protection assured against water splashing from any angle.

Keeping it Cool

The fixture is well ventilated and uses a small and very quiet fan to keep it cool. The fan does turn on when powered up, but it is not an issue. The all-metal housing helps dissipate heat, and it looks like the inside isn’t cramped with electronics giving the light more room for airflow.


All the controls for the LS 60 are on the back of the light. Dials are used on the back for changing brightness, accessing the menu, and changing the beam from spot to flood.

Light Storm 60 controls

To access the menu, a simple push of the menu brings up options. You then use the same Menu button to navigate the settings. Once you find a setting to change, push the button in again to access the submenu. The OK button is now used to make changes. It’s very straight forward.

Like many new Aputure lights, the LS 60 can be controlled with the Sidus link. The LS 60 has eight built-in lighting FX: Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Strobe, and Explosion. One thing missing is no small wireless controller is included like so many Aputure lights have.

Mounting Accessories

The front of the LS 60 is a little different as it has the more common barn door mounts instead of a Bowens Mount, but have no fear as it includes a Bowens Mount adapter that slides in. What would an Aputure light be without a Bowens Mount!

Fresnel Type Lens Design & Barn Doors

Light Storm 60 lens

To get an idea of the Fresnel’s spread, I set up the 60d 1-meter from the lens’s front to the background and cranked it to 100.

The spread looks good. It’s bright in the center and tapers off to the edges. Smaller diameter fixtures with a COB must be harder to design due to how punchy they are. Since the LS 60 doesn’t use a reflector, the aspherical optics are doing the heavy lifting.

As for how it cuts, it also looks pretty good. The barn doors are somewhat compact, so they don’t close as much as needed to get a clean rectangle; however, they don’t bleed when they are in more of a square setting.

One feature I would have liked to have is a gel holder similar to what the Arri 650 has. Maybe it’s something Aputure could offer later as adding some color to the background would be nice with the control of a fresnel and barn doors.

Light Storm 60 acesory holder

The barn doors need to be in the first or forward slot so they can be used correctly. They are excellent. Nice heavy thick doors that feel like they will last and not bend easily. To assist in shaping the light, two of the doors have retractable sections when closed, you can get nice and tight. My only concern over time they could get loose, but the build looks pretty darn good, so this might not be the case.

Color and Output 60d


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