Revolution for Google Apps: A completely different look


When an update is involved, usually, something always changes. It must be sought, observed, experienced. Because everything can change, sometimes even in radical ways. This seems to be the case. Google has decided to launch a page about Gmail on Android.

A completely different look, not really a redesign, given that just a year ago the Mountain View giant relied on a new design, The material is you. Now the app is getting another update in terms of design.

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As mentioned by 9To5Google, The latest Gmail update removes icon labels from the bottom bar on Android Apparently, the bottom bar shrank with last year’s update, it will do so again with the next update.

The update is rolling out slowly. But…

The app before the last update Gmail Mail, Chat, Space and Meet are labeled under their icons in the bottom bar According to SamMobile’s report, however, some users received the unlabeled version of the icon a few days ago, but it is now widely available to everyone with version 2022.08.07.x of the Gmail app.

Gmail - 20220910
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Interestingly, this is already the case with the Gmail app for iPad. Since the icons are known to everyone, Mountain View Giant may think there is no point in keeping them However, there is no immediate significant benefit, but upon closer inspection, the screen real estate is greater. The feeling is that this is a starting point for further development, perhaps the beginning of a new shift that Google will adopt for its other applications as well.

The update is rolled out gradually, always according to the well-informed, but it shouldn’t be instant time: It is believed that it will take some time to create the final version for an update that may change the look of Gmail. At least on Android, for both smartphones and tablets galaxy, Partnered with Samsung. Too much too.

To update the free non-free e-mail service, the world’s number one, which can be accessed via the web or through applications that use the POP3, IMAP or Google API protocols, all that remains is to try directly Google Play Store, where the latest version appears, although not everyone sees it In fact, the news seems to be quite widespread among users who have at least the 2022.08.07.x version of the application, even if it is likely a server-side change. Maybe or not? Seeing is believing, it has no price.

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