Robin’s new suit revealed in Batman Beyond Atomics


Robin is one of the most iconic sidekicks in comics. Since his first appearance nearly 80 years ago, whenever there’s a Batman, there’s a Robin with him. Although the personalities of these characters constantly change, the clothes are always the same. Thus, Many were surprised to see a new Robin arrive in the Dark Knight universeAnd her clothes are unique.

inside Batman: Beyond the White Knight, Barbara Gordon asks Dick Grayson’s partner Duke Thomas to give him a Robin suit in hopes of recovering Terry McGuinness’s stolen Batman suit. Thus, Fans got their first look at the suit designed by Sean Gordon Murphy. It’s creator commented:

“I’ve been waiting almost 10 years for this moment!

In 2014 I drew Detective #27 where the writer (Scott Snyder) was fast forward with Batman and Robin. Because Robin could be anyone, I decided to make him African American. I posted it on Twitter without verifying with anyone, thinking it would be no big deal.

When I wrote White Knight, I created a new version of Duke that was like Luke Cage (he represented the underprivileged community in Gotham). In the end, I wanted it to be Robin, but the book was already so full that my team talked me out of it.

Finally, in Beyond the White Knight #4, Duke dons the suit! It makes a lot of sense for the story and I think readers will love the evolution, especially those who have been following the character since 2017.”


Let us remember that in the Batman Beyond continuity, Robin does not exist. So it is quite interesting to see this new interpretation of the character. It remains to be seen what will be done with this hero in the future, especially considering the process of his conception. In related matters, the voice of the Joker has been revealed Batman Azteca. Likewise, will Val Kilmer return as Batman?

Through: Sean Gordon Murphy

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