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The Rocket Burst Pro Air is a great wireless gaming mouse that limits the number of buttons and customization options, but without compromising on functionality. It has a steep price, but understandably so. If you find too many buttons a headache and need a mouse that is ergonomically designed and aesthetically pleasing, this is a great option to consider.


  • Long battery life
  • Wireless with Bluetooth and USB connection options
  • Water- and dust-resistant shell
  • Super-fast actuation


  • United KingdomRRP: £ 89.99
  • AmericaRRP: $ 99.99
  • EuropeRRP: € 99.99
  • CanadaRRP: CA $ 129.99
  • AustraliaRRP: AU $ 169.99

  • WirelessWith the option to connect via Burst Pro Air Wireless, Bluetooth or USB-C dongle.

  • 19,000 DPI optical sensorEasily one of the best sensors on the market, the Roccat Owl-Ie DPI optical sensor gives you the best mouse movement with 1: 1 accuracy.

  • Extremely lightweightThe Burst Pro Air weighs in at a super-light 81g, due to its water- and dust-resistant honeycomb.


The Roccat Burst Pro Air is a stylish, lightweight wireless gaming mouse suitable for beginner, intermediate or expert gamers. It boasts a long battery life, fantastic RGB lighting and great software to support it.

Great for performance, customizability and battery life, the Burst Pro Air is a leading option for those who want a simple wireless mouse that covers all the basics.

However, it is very expensive, its sister model (burst core) costs a quarter of the price. So, is it worth the extra cost? Here are my thoughts.


  • Lightweight at just 81g
  • Stylish and symmetrical design
  • Bionic honeycomb-style shell

I am a sucker for RGB light. Normally I am easily satisfied in that area, but the design of Roccat Burst Pro Air has raised my standard. The way the light illuminates the honeycomb bionic shell is amazing.

As if that weren’t enough, the side grips add extra dimension and style to the aesthetic of the glamorous accent (embossed beehive design). They are not just for show, because they provide some grip.

There are 6 programmable buttons: two side buttons, a DPI button, a scroll wheel (with more RGB lighting) and a simple left and right clicker.

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The detachable braided “Phantomflex” USB-C charging cable has a good length (1.8 m) and good quality. The base of the Pro Air has space for storing USB-C dongles, as well as a wireless switch that can flick between Bluetooth and a 2.4GHz connection.

The Burst Pro Air is ergonomically designed. Thanks to the light weight it has a hive structure under its transparent shell, and I didn’t have to twist and flex my wrists to feel the strain.

It fit snugly around my palate regardless of how I grip it. Due to its symmetrical design, the Burst Pro Air will fit all grip styles, but may be more suitable for small to medium hand. Unfortunately, this is not designed for left-handed elephants.

Performance and software

  • Programmable macros
  • For profiles up to 5 onboard memory
  • 19,000 dpi owl-eye sensor

The Rocket Burst Pro Air is a wireless gaming mouse with the option to connect via a Bluetooth or bundled USB-C dongle. Roccat claims that it lasts up to 100 hours on a single charge. It seems to hold up, since I’ve only charged it once for a week’s use and it only took ten minutes to fully charge.

Its Roccat Owl-I optical sensor (based on PixArt’s PAW3370) provides responsive and smooth and accurate movement. It has a maximum DPI of 19,000 and a 400 IPS tracking speed. It tracks my mouse mat, as well as wood well.

I don’t always use my mouse mats (I know, Sacrifice!) And I find it a nightmare to get around poor-quality leg rats, especially when I’m playing fast-paced games like Warframe. But the Burst Pro Air has worked on a dream – it has heat-treated PTFE feet that provide more beautiful glide than ordinary PTFE skates.

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When I put most of my macro settings on my keyboard, I set some profiles in Burst Pro Air to see how well it works and whether it has a positive or negative effect on my gameplay. I’ve used 5 profiles from Valheim, Warframe, Bloodhunt, Age of Empires 3 DE, and League of Legends.

I was able to see more of the Burst Pro Air’s DPI capabilities when I played Bloodhunt and Warframe (although that didn’t save me from losing a few games). Although I can’t say that I can see the full 19k glory of it, I will say that the mouse tracked perfectly and was able to keep pace with my fast movements and attacks.

Valheim and Age of Empires 3 DE, obviously, less about DPI performance. I find it useful with AOE3, because the game lets you bind because of the millions (light exaggeration) action. I tied up my barracks and market with side buttons, which was easy to do using Roccat’s Swarm software, but using the bindings weakened my grip on the mouse.

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For the switch, Burst Pro uses the Air Titan switch optical, which Rocket claims has received 100 million clicks. I’m a few million clicks away from proving this claim, but Burst Core has experience with rocket switches, No XP, And now with Burst Pro Air, I can assure you that they could be better than any switch out right now. They offer what I like in switches, a satisfying click and a chic feeling.

The DPI button rotates through the five default values, 400, 800, 1200, 1800 and 3200, but you can adjust each of them to an overkill maximum DPI of 19,000 using Roccat’s Windows-only Swarm software.

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In addition to DPI customization, Roccat’s Swarm software lets you program macros and rebind buttons. Up to five profiles have onboard memory.

In the case of RGB lighting, you can choose between 6 effects and change the color. All of these settings can be grouped into profiles: AIMO intelligent light, wave, breathing, flicker, heartbeat and full light.

The latest deal

Will you buy it?

If you want a wireless mouse with a great battery life:

The Roccat Burst Pro Air claims 100 hours of battery life, confirming that it has the best stamina we’ve ever seen in a gaming mouse.

If you want a cheap gaming mouse:

With an RRP of £ 89.99, this is a relatively expensive gaming mouse. If you are on a tight budget you can find more affordable options, especially if you are happy to settle for a wired mouse.

The latest thought

The Roccat Burst Pro Air is an excellent gaming mouse. The visual design is simple, but due to its beehive shell, symmetrical design and RGB lighting it is a nice addition to any gaming setup.

It also has a really smooth glide and its Rocket Titan switch is chic and satisfying to use optical switches and perform very well. The Phantomflex charging cable is great, light and floppy so you’ll forget about it when you plug it in. Of course, you don’t have to use it often, because the battery life of the Burst Pro Air is great.

It is expensive, but not expensive. Its sister mouse, burst core, wired and burst Pro Air are almost as good without some of the key features, but that’s only a quarter of its price. So, if you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider going with it instead.

How do we test

Each mouse we tested was used for at least a week. At that point, we’ll test it for ease of use and keep it up to date by playing a variety of genres, including FPS, MOBAs, and strategy.

Used as main mouse for more than a week.

Game tested: Valheim, League of Legends, Age of Empires 3 DE, Warframe and Vampire: the Masquerade- Bloodhunt.


Is it suitable for travel?

Yes, because it is wireless, and also light weight. So it will not add too much weight to your load and the battery life is enough to last long or short distances.

Is there a programmable macro?

Yes, up to 5 profiles have onboard memory and you can program them in Roccat’s Swarm software.

Is it ergonomic?

Although it is not an ergonomic mouse, it is ergonomically designed, at least so say ROCCAT. I found it comfortable to use and did not feel any strain on the wrist.

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