Rockstar Games blocks comments from the network to prevent leaks of GTA VI


Its next big game was leaked a few days ago Rockstar Games, GTA VI, many of which have been shown on the network And now that they’ve tracked down the culprits and removed as much content from the site as possible, the company isn’t responding on social media.

It is said that the hacker was not one person, but at least two different people. In a new post to the forum GTA The site’s staff shared the results of their investigation into the leak, explaining that based on post distribution and IP address data, the forum account was shared by at least two people, “TeaPotUberHacker”Those who disclosed the information.

According to the update, they don’t believe the account was stolen, but rather shared between two hackers, known as “tea pot” y “Lily”. Forum staff points that out lily has been activated TelegramBut they don’t believe he currently has any of the pirated content they claim and warn against contacting them.

when The FBI Investigate the case together with the hacking Uber, music star He apparently took action by blocking his social media accounts It shows in your account So that no one can comment and reply. This would be an attempt to stop the spread of leaked content, as it would be the ideal place to launch images.

GTA VI Development continued as planned.

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