Rockstar Games fans are very upset over the company


One of the most abandoned games Rockstar Games es Red Dead Online, Since they rarely perform major updates. Even a short time ago they confirmed that they would stop supporting this experience, and despite the fans making an effort to prevent it from happening, it seems like a final decision.

Many people think that is the reason GTA Online Acquisition of resources that are being used will continue So, But others think they can support both without problems. So they decided to go against the company through social networks, saying in various ways that they want to continue accepting content in video games.

Even followers used a hashtag with the legend “Save Red Dead Online” And though its the core company Rockstar Games eAware of this, the game is still planning a funeral. Many players are sorry for this event, but fall Red Dead Online Due to the lack of attention from its creators.

This is an excerpt from the official statement:

Over the past few years, we’ve been constantly moving toward the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, realizing much more than ever before that players need to exceed expectations, and this next entry could be the best. As a result, we’re in the process of changing the way we support Red Dead Online.

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